Private aircraft charter is on the rise. It’s no wonder why this is so when regular airline travel is considered.  The Jet Excellence is a commitment from the ground up from all members of North American Air Charter.  We call it Jet Excellence because it is a unique concept in the service-oriented world of private aircraft charter. Jet Excellence is the commitment that all corporate missions are successfully executed to the highest level of expectation of the customer.

North American Air Charter offers Jet Excellence in the most elegant way possible.  Defining the customer’s needs and specific requests is the fist step in providing a superior flight experience.  The effective comprehension of the customer’s specific requirements is of paramount importance.

Once the customer ‘s requirements are clearly established the mission is put together to provide the most pleasurable experience that is possible. Each trip leg must be earmarked for specific requirements as established by the passenger. Since the passenger may not be acutely aware of travel times between certain travel stops, it becomes important for the interaction of the customer and charter provider. 

When arranging a trip, North American’s scheduler will query the customer about their specific requirements. These requirements are then relayed to the flight crew, who will then make recommendations in order to enhance the customer experience.  These recommendations will then be relayed to the customer, who can then have a detailed conversation with the FlightCrew, (most specifically the Flight Attendant) about more specific arrangements. All of the customers preferences are recorded in a database, so as to maintain a high level of repeatability of customer needs.

Designed to eliminate errors, this interactive approach will result in the best experience possible for the customer. This is the essence of Jet Excellence.


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