North American’s principal business is providing management and charter management services to aircraft owners wishing to conduct worldwide operations with all types of aircraft. With a fully qualified team of experts on staff, we feel we a uniquely qualified to offer the very best in aircraft management.

North American’s business and operating philosophies are unique. We feel it is important to clearly identify for our potential clients exactly how North American differentiates itself in the marketplace. Our “Benefits” section outlines these differences and our business philosophy in more detail.

Further, this proposal is organized to provide detailed information about North American’s operating standards, hiring practices, personnel, and services by department.

Specifically relating to operation and management of your aircraft, North American is the right choice for your organization because of:

  1. Our industry wide recognized international flight planning and operational expertise and our well known record for over two decades of safe operations.
  2. Our many years of in-depth experience operating and maintaining Bombardier, Gulfstream, Falcon and other aircraft.
  3. Our extensive experience with ensuring cost effective operation of corporate aircraft.
  4. Our unique, written commitment to pass through all expenses directly, acting as our client’s advocate in every management decision we make. The following in depth look at North American Air Charter is provided to anticipate as many of your questions as possible. This can never replace a personal discussion about our organization and your requirements. We appreciate the opportunity to present North American’s advantages directly to you.

North American was founded in 1990 to manage private aircraft for world wide operations. Since our inception, the company has enjoyed a reputation for superior technical excellence in aircraft operations, the highest ethical standards, and truly personalized service. North American and its owners remain committed financially and philosophically to the North American standard for professionalism and safety.

While North American is a profit making entity today, the ethics associated with our client advocate position were established at our inception. This formula is the cornerstone of North American Air Charter’s operating philosophy.

At North American, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by our commitment to the client advocate role. Our market niche and our mission statement support the North American promise to pass through all aircraft expenses and provide any discounts whenever available. Our client contract guarantees it. It takes strong teamwork and good management to make this kind of business approach a reality. At North American, it’s the only way we do business.

North American is fiercely independent. While we own a certified maintenance facility we never force our management clients to purchase goods and services. Instead, the client is free to pursue the most advantageous purchase in every instance.

In short, North American believes that our task is to act completely on our clients’ behalf. That’s what we do best and that is why we charge fixed management fees up front. In this way we remove any hidden agendas and can focus all our efforts on our clients’ best interests.

North American is a true leader in utilizing business aircraft for global travel. We have operated long-range aircraft on each of the world’s continents with a high level of safety, and we continue to safely fly to hundreds of international cities each year.

North American charges fixed management fees for all management services. This figure includes: management, oversight, personnel administration, accounting and reporting, maintenance administration, scheduling and dispatch, and general and administrative labor costs with no mark ups on any kind of expenses.

North American can operate aircraft based world wide. We currently have client aircraft located at many different airports. Our size and independent nature allow us to quickly respond to changing client needs.

North American’s operating culture is based on a corporate flight department structured to meet FAA Part 135 standards. The National Business Aviation Association, National Transportation Association, and the FAA agree that the turbine powered, Part 135 aircraft operation has the best safety record of any flying constituency, including commercial travel.

North American manages aircraft in numerous locations. Our methodology of off-site management has proven itself extremely effective. We set solid performance standards and provide professional over-site of dedicated professionals who maintain front line communication with our clients.

North American is straightforward in its dealings and communications with clients. We don’t hide future high maintenance costs from our clients by presenting aircraft operating budgets that leave out vital pieces of information such as cost estimates for unscheduled maintenance items. We provide our clients with complete, well researched, and documented information that forms the foundation for good business decisions.

North American provides expertise for sound aircraft ownership decisions, contract negotiation with suppliers or manufacturers, bids for equipment, maintenance or any other aspect of aircraft management. Generally, we proactively take care of all these issues. We make recommendations to our clients based on collecting and presenting all the information necessary for our clients to make informed business decisions about their aircraft. Asset management is an important part of our business.

North American invests in its employees through direct training. We provide our employees with opportunities and exceptional benefit programs. The experience they bring to our clients is immeasurable.

North American carefully selects pilot candidates and presents then for the client’s approval. Our pilots must meet standards of experience and professionalism, as well as exhibit the appropriate attitude and aptitudes that make them successful as corporate pilots.

Rigorous training, both in flight simulators and at North American facilities, insures that their skills are honed to the highest industry standards. A series of internal checks and balances and regular evaluations constantly ensures that their skills are up to date.

North American pilots serve at our client’s pleasure, but are employees on North American. North American employs some of the most highly qualified pilots in the industry. Our average Captain has over 10 years experience, often encompassing both military and civilian flying, and our flight and maintenance crews have achieved an admirable safety record over the past 20 years. During that time we have flown many millions miles, to nearly every country in the world while achieving a 99.75% dispatch reliability rate with an excellent safety record. These results are a testament to the caliber of employee we assign to our client’s aircraft.

North American accomplishes maintenance on our client aircraft in one of several ways, depending on what is the most practical, safe, and cost effective. In our typical arrangement, we will assign one Maintenance Crew Chief to your aircraft. This technician will be qualified to work directly on your aircraft and will conduct the majority of required maintenance himself. One of his primary responsibilities will be to aggressively pursue any warranty issues. For heavier inspections, your crew chief will obtain three bids from qualified maintenance agencies and, working with North American’s Director of Maintenance, choose the best bid in terms of quality, down time, schedule, and price. The Crew Chief will accompany the aircraft to the winning facility and supervise the work, representing your interests.

North American has an excellent maintenance background and is a Certified Repair Station pursuant to Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 145. Because of this, we are authorized to perform maintenance on a commercial basis. The organizational structure, checks and balances, and inspection criteria set forth by the FAA for this authorization benefits our clients with maintenance performed to the highest FAA standards, and under FAA supervision.

North American has flown Presidents of nations, heads of state, and controversial corporate leaders for dozens of years. We are well acquainted with security measures necessary in insure safe, unobtrusive security services for our clients. Our flight crews are well trained to the confidentiality needs of all our clients.

North American is experienced in fiscal management procedures generally unheard of in our industry. Our accounting and operational reports can be customized to blend with our client’s formats. Our independent benchmarking reports provide clients with valuable insights regarding the cost of independent flight department operations, versus out-sourced management.

North American has established a track record for providing what today’s aircraft owners want: Integrity, Excellence, Service, and Experience, and we prove it every day. North American is the right choice for high quality, personalized aircraft management services at a fair price.


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