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North American Air Charter is dedicated to providing safe and efficient first-class executive aircraft management and travel services.

Since it’s inception in 1990, North American has offered the air traveler superior service. For maximum customer satisfaction, our in-flight services are continuously adjusted to meet each client’s individual needs. With over 20 years of experience operating and managing all kinds of aircraft internationally and worldwide we have a deep understanding of how to deliver the best product to our clients.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide the absolute best possible travel experience to our customers. Defining your needs and specific requests is the first step in providing a superior flight experience. The effective comprehension of the customer’s specific requirements is of paramount importance. When arranging a trip, North American’s scheduler will query the customer about their specific requirements. These requirements are then relayed to the flight crew, who will then make recommendations in order to enhance the customer experience. You are then allowed to interact with the flight crew and/or flight attendant to make sure your needs are met or to make more specific arrangements. All of the customer’s preferences are recorded in a database, so as to maintain a high level of repeatability of customer needs. Designed to eliminate errors, this interactive approach will result in the best experience possible for the customer.


North American’s

Top Priority Is Safety

Since our inception the company has enjoyed a reputation for superior technical excellence in aircraft operations, the highest ethical standards, and truly personalized service. North American and its owners remain committed financially and philosophically to the North American standard for professionalism and safety. North American employs some of the most highly qualified pilots in the industry. Our average Captain has over 10 years experience, often encompassing both military and civilian flying, and our flight and maintenance crews have achieved an admirable safety record over the past 20 years. During that time we have flown many millions of miles, to nearly every country in the world while achieving a 99.75% dispatch reliability rate with an excellent safety record. These results are a testament to the caliber of employee we assign to our client’s aircraft.

This is what we at North American do best:

A successful charter trip is based upon proper
preparation and planning. International destinations are our specialty, we have extensive operational experience worldwide.

The aircraft is at the disposal of the customer, which means last minute changes are easily accommodated.  As a charter customer, you set the itinerary and the timetable.  Passengers can work in a secure, uninterrupted environment that will enhance productivity.  Utilizing the enroute portion of your trip for briefings and/or business meetings will greatly enhance the productivity of the time spent traveling.  Certain aircraft such as the Global Express are equipped with on board Internet capability.

Please contact our scheduler (always a direct employee, never an answering service) for an individual consultation regarding your own travel requirements. Trip specifics can be discussed, and our flight crew members can be queried directly with answers to your questions.

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